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The beginning of the 80’s defined the worldwide metal scene with the emergence of bands like Slayer, Metallica, Venom, Exodus, Anthrax, Testament and others, which created a huge fan base, with songs that eventually served as influence for the rising of many other bands. In Brazil, one of these bands was AGRESSOR, which had its initial phase formed in 1982 in the city of Macaé in the state of Rio de Janeiro, when a group of friends met in order to learn how to play and start a band.

After a difficult period – a time when the internet didn’t even existed – discoveries, rehearsals and lineup changes, the band recorded their first demo in 1986 called DESTRUIÇÃO METÁLICA, with Frederico (vocals), Beco and Marco Aurélio (guitars), Jedae (bass) e Paulo (drums). The ‘four song demo’ featured lyrics in portuguese with hardcore vocals and the instrumental following the thrash metal line. The theme in the lyrics was a critical view of man in society, as noted in “Terceira Guerra Mundial” (World War III), “Século XX” (Twentieth Century) and “Juízo Final” (Doomsday), and such theme would guide all of the band’s future work.

New changes occurred both in the formation as well as in the character of the sound. Frederico (vocals), Marco Aurelio (guitar) and Jedae (bass) leave, the last one giving place to Ivan. Then, with Paul also assuming the vocals, the band becomes a trio. The lyrics were now in English, the vocals became heavier and the instrumental was kept on the thrash line. The lyrics remain acid and criticize environmental disasters, drug use and the role of a large share of politicians. The result of the changes is seen in the second demo, called KILL OR DIE, released in 1988 with Paulo on the drums and vocals, Beco on the guitar and Ivan on the bass. The band continues the rehearsal routine until, for a number of divergences, which can happen to any band, decide stop its activities around 1992. After this period some attempts of comebacks occurred, but always failing.

In 2001 there was a re-release of the demo KILL OR DIE on vinyl format through the newly created Brazilian label called Dies Irae, being distributed in many countries around the world. If on one hand there were doubts about the release, because of the quality of its recording, on the other it served as stimulus so that in 2002 – after a 10-year period of inactivity – Paulo (drums & vocals) and Beco (guitar) began thinking of a comeback for AGRESSOR. The band gradually retakes the rehearsal routine and starts working on new material for the first full length album. In 2005 already with almost all the music for the new album, Alexandre (guitar) and Claudio (bass), join the band and the band’s attention turns to the recording sessions, which took place in late 2005 at Studio DQG in Cabo Frio, RJ. In April 2006 the band officially releases VICTIM OF YOURSELF that came out through the label Dark Sun, a sub-division of Dies Irae. The album features 10 songs which are “Toxicomaniac”, “Old Man”, “P-36″, “Onde está a Coragem?” (Where is the courage?), “Sacred Words”, “Manipulation of Masses”, “Eyes to the World”, “Mercenary Politician”,“Dr. Death” and “Puppets of Society”. In “Onde está a Coragem?” the band starts to compose in portuguese again and the result pleased everyone, strengthening the idea of continuing to use the mother tongue. The booklet brought the lyrics in English and in Portuguese, with the album sent to zines, webzines, radio and magazines in Brazil and outside the country, receiving mostly enthusiastic reviews about the new project of AGRESSOR.

New changes in the formation took place. Gustavo Lima takes on the bass instead Claudio and, with Beco leaving, the band recruited Raphael Zaror to play the second guitar. With this lineup there is a rehearsal and composition routine for a new album until in October 2013, when the band returned to the recording studio DQG to record DEMISE OF LIFE. Although not conceptual, the new album mostly features themes that address environmental issues and the predatory actions of man towards nature, which will in time, take its toll. The 10 songs on the album are: “Save the Forest”, “The Origin”, “Stupid Pleasure”, “Demise of Life”, “Morte em Vida”, “Belo Morte”, “Terra Sem Lei”, “Guantanamo” and the remakes of “Accidental Murder” and “Spirit of Death” that were originally in the demo KILL OR DIE. As a new feature “Morte em Vida”, “Belo Morte” e “Terra Sem Lei” are all written in portuguese.

Finally the album is released in September 2014 in collaboration with the labels ETERNAL HATRED and DARK SUN RECORDS

September, 2014
Line up: Paulo (vocals and drums), Alexandre (lead guitar & backing vocals), Gustavo Lima (bass) and Zaror (rhythm guitar).